We want to spread some love and kindness and raise vital funds to help 
mental health services across our city, now more than ever they are needed. 
On the 17th of each month during 2021 our group will take part in doing RAOK.


What is the kindness train and how do I join in?

  1. Jump on board the kindness train by emailing jen@dearneighbour.co.uk subject "Kindness Train"

  2. Think of what act of kindness you want to do, get as fun and creative as you like.

  3. Complete your act of kindness on the 17th of each month and handout a kindness card. 

  4. Once you have completed your act of kindness, head to our fundraising page and donate 50p per act of kindness you do.  Fundraising page: 

  5. Spread the word and share your acts of kindness whether given or received using our hashtag, lets get more to jump on board. Anyone can support your acts of kindness too and donate to our fundraising page.

    As the months go by we: 

  • Can see how much our kindness train has grown.

  • Can see how many acts of kindness have been done across our city

  • Help someone smile who could be going through a rough time

  • Raise money for a wonderful cause 'Manchester Mind'

  • Donate the money on the 17th December 2021.

I have selected to do four random acts a month, donating £2.00 each month but you can choose however many you want.


#MCRkindnesstrain #kindformind


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